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Crystallize: The modern guide to crystal healing Tapa dura


En inglés.

Rock your magic, add some sparkle to your every day, and ultimately Crystallize your lifeGoldirocks is back with 50 new, high-vibration crystals.

With her signature fresh and accessible approach to crystal healing, popularized in the global bestselling Crystals, this new and modern guide helps you go further into your crystalline healing journey. Take a mesmerizing dive into the magic of over 50 unique crystals and minerals, and learn new ways to connect with their glimmering energies to uplevel every aspect of your life. Whether spring or summer, work or play, New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, discover how these magical stones can enhance your home, health and spirit through simple rituals, quick (but powerful) meditations, and easy everyday uses.

With crystals activated, chakras aligned, and fresh energy flowing, there is no limit to the transformational magic you will be able to manifest when you Crystallize!

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